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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Visit To A Recycling Centre

Recycling centres are the ideal way of disposing of problem waste that can't be left out for the council kerbside collection. If you have a lot of waste that you need to take for recycling, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your visit.

Check local rules

Firstly, check in advance that your recycling centre accepts the type of waste you are intending to take. Most centres will recycle a wide variety of materials, including paint, oils, batteries and gas bottles. However, there are other items, such as household chemicals and asbestos, that you will probably not be allowed to take, so it is well worth finding out before you leave. There can also be differences between sites. Some may not accept large appliances such as televisions, for example. Turning up with something that will not be accepted is a waste of time and fuel.

Check amounts

If you have a lot of materials to bring, you should also check how much the recycling centre will accept. They are intended for use by households rather than businesses and so do not normally expect to receive large amounts of waste. If you turn up with several van loads, they may suspect you are recycling business waste.

Sort different types

Different types of waste will have to be recycled separately, so you will save a lot of time if you sort your recycling before you get there. You should check which types of plastics will need to be separated, as there are several different types, not all of which can be recycled. Put different types of material, such as metals, plastics or glass, into separate containers, and label them so you will know what is what when you get there.

Protect your vehicle

Recycling centres accept numerous types of waste, some of which can be hazardous. Oil containers can easily leak, and broken glass is a serious safety hazard. Protect your vehicle and yourself by transporting everything carefully. Use your boot rather than the seats wherever possible, and put a protective sheet down to catch any leaks or broken materials. You may also want to wear thick gloves when carrying sharp items.

Recycling is a great way to help the planet, so make sure you are using your recycling depot safely and effectively. This will provide the maximum benefit to the environment and will ensure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact a recycling centre to learn more.