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Three Excellent Sources of Scrap Metal in the Sporting Industry

Competition for scrap metal is often high in landfills, construction and demolition sites, fabrication shops, garages, homes, offices, and junkyards. Thus, you must get creative to avoid competition, which means finding other scrap metal sources. Notably, the sporting industry offers an excellent alternative scrap metal source. This article highlights areas within the sporting industry where you can find scrap metal.


If you like keeping fit and are a member of a local gym, you will agree that most exercise equipment is made of metal. Such equipment includes hand weights, bars, plates, benches and cables, and most are made of stainless steel, a valuable metal for recyclers. Over time, the metal parts of exercise equipment wear and must be replaced for safety reasons. The last thing a reputable gym needs are accidents and injuries caused by worn-out equipment. Therefore, you can approach a local gym and ask them to sell or offer you any waste metal equipment.

A gym manager might offer damaged equipment as scrap without charging you if you are a regular member. Besides, you will be offering them an opportunity to preserve the environment rather than hold on to worn-out metallic equipment.

Sports Clubs

Australia is home to approximately 11,561 incorporated sports clubs. However, it is a conservative number if you consider local unregistered sports clubs. Notably, all the sports clubs use various equipment, some of which are made from metal. For instance, softball is the most common sport among aboriginal women, and the bats are typically made of aluminium alloy. Similarly, the sticks used in lacrosse are made of either aluminium or titanium metal. Golf, Australia's number one participant sport, is another excellent source of scrap metal. The shaft is titanium or stainless steel, while the head is pure iron. Worn-out steel and aluminium goalposts in soccer and rugby fields are also excellent sources of scrap metal.

Sporting Competitions 

Australia is not short of sporting competitions, amateur and professional, ranging from individual sports such as tennis and athletics to team sports like soccer, rugby, and netball. One common thing in such sports venues is the sheer number of supporters and athletes drinking beverages from aluminium cans. The best part is that most sports event managers place bins strategically so that fans can dispose of their aluminium cans. It makes it easy for scrap metal collectors to pick waste cans and deliver them to recycling plants. The best strategy is to get an annual sports event calendar in your city to collect as many scrap aluminium cans as possible.

For more ideas on where to pick up metal, contact a scrap metal recycling service near you.